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World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Summit 2022 

Dates: 22 - 24 June 2022 (Wednesday - Friday)













Photographer: Felix Chan 


This year, the Summit will take place on 22-25 June 2022 as part of the umbrella events of SWEAT Hong Kong International Dance Festival presented by the HKAPA, co-presented with the Hong Kong Dance Alliance (HKDA).

With the theme Dance Offer/On New Energy, it aims to promote dance and wellness in response to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the wellbeing of dance practitioners worldwide. Participants are invited to explore and examine different facets of dance not only in scientific research, but also in community projects, education and training for dancers. 

The sensational four-day virtual conference features a series of riveting and inspiring paper presentations, Pecha kucha presentations, dance film screenings and more.


The Global Summit

Welcomes over 70 influential speakers joining from all over the world 

Sheds a spotlight on different facets of Dance including Wellness, Education, Community, Sustainability, Creativity & more

Invites 2 International Keynote Speakers


Accomodates virtual audience with interactive features for networking

Sub-themes are:

  • Sustaining wellness and creativity through and under the “new normal”
  • Leading the Arts through the pandemic
  • Empowering dance artists of tomorrow and amid the pandemic: Emerging areas in practice and research
  • Reimagining the future of dance – light after lockdown

In parallel with the mission of World Dance Alliance, the Summit provides the rare opportunity for scholars, performers, choreographers, community dance artists, local and international dance groups and companies, to congregate for the underlined issues and inspire further developments. By shining a spotlight on wellness, it intends to display and advocate for the role and importance of dance health to everyone taking part in it.

Paper Presentation

11 sessions of 32 Paper Presentations

As the major branch of the Summit, every session of paper presentation features a different topic and selected papers with connections in ideas are grouped into the same session. Speakers take turns to present their papers online, followed by a discussion with the audience, hosted by a moderator. It arouses attention to different research interests while being an ideal platform for participants to engage in in-depth conversation.

Sessions are categorized by themes: Light after Lockdown, Creativity, Process, Education, Wellness, Sustainability & Community.



Pecha Kucha Presentation

4 sessions of 19 Pecha Kucha Presentations

Presentations here are expected to be brisk as speakers are allowed to show 20 slides only for 20 seconds each. The slides advance automatically as the speaker talks along. This format of presentation enables young scholars to pitch themselves to the audience with their own profile, productions or projects. It is an excellent opportunity for scholars who have developed a strong research focus but are in the beginning processes of writing to get feedback and possible insights from other researchers. 

Language: English 

Presentation Format: 20 slides for each presentation x 20 seconds for each slide

Q&A towards the end of each session



International Dance Film Screening

6 screening sessions of 16 dance films 

As the dance industry has turned to online platforms when live performances are not possible during the Covid-19 pandemic, much attention has been directed to the creation of dance films/videos. This episode of the Summit serves to present innovative perspectives of this increasingly popular trend of dance presentation. 




WDA AGM, Network Meetings & Executive Meeting

WDA works through four networks, The Creation and Presentation Network, the Education and Training Network, the Research and Documentation Network, and the Support and Development Network.

The networks initiate, co-ordinate and drive activities to advance the issues raised by these special interest groups.